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NRG/GSW March 19 unit meeting in Torrance

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  We, the members of Local Union No. 246 of the Utility Workers Union of America, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations, realize that the struggle to improve our working and our living conditions is in vain unless we are united to protect ourselves collectively against the organized for of employers.

   We believe that the craft form of trade unionism is insufficient for our needs and is unable to effectively defend the interests and improve the conditions of the wage earners in our industry, therefore, we join together in forming a trade union which unites all workers on an industrial basis, with rank-and-file control, regardless of craft, age, sex, nationality, race, creed, or political belief, and at all times will pursue a policy of aggressive struggle to improve our social and economic welfare.

  On behalf of the principles set fort herein, we pledge to labor unitedly to perpetuate our Local Union on the basis of industrial solidarity and justice; to expound and promote its objects; to unceasingly work for the general adoption of its principles; and to work in reciprocity concertedly with other bona-fide organizations to bring about higher standards of living for all workers.

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